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Bryan Thomas: Lead Vocals, Harmonica

One of the few remaining vocalists on the planet not infected with L.S.D. (Lead Singer’s Disease), Bryan owns and sets up his own gear, never complains about his voice and rarely tells anyone to turn down their amp, a rare and priceless bird indeed. Bryan’s musical influences mirror his tastes in adult beverages; all things rare, unique and not very palatable, but if you don't have that he'll have what you're having.

Kelly Walsh: Lead Guitar

A certified International Man of Mystery, Not only has Kelly been to nearly every part of the civilized world that has been seen in some movie at some point, but he has almost never sent any cool pictures of those places to his bandmates. An elusive evil genius with a PhD. and quite possibly a secret island volcano lair, Kelly’s influences include eighties hair metal of questionable quality, small non-threating mammals and some mythical Naval Officer named Morgan or something.

Eric Duke: Drums and Percussion

Do not let his intimidating appearance or left handedness deceive you. Eric demonstrates profound kindness to small children, furry animals and occasionally his band mates. A chiseled and wily musical veteran, Eric drives the metaphorical double decker bus to funky town that is Static Mojo. If we had an actual bus he would most certainly drive that as well. Eric has dedicated his life to music works every day to ensure the beat goes on thru his students at Evansville Music Academy.

Steve Wernicke: Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Far and away the boldest and bravest, not only because of his enthusiasm to master a new instrument, but because of his wiliness to attempt the impossible feat of repairing a broken tape measure, “Electric Steve” (trademark pending) has single handedly changed the sound, vibe, amount of required audio cables, and dare I say it the musical possibilities of Static Mojo. Steve throws all caution and good judgement to the wind, learning, playing and even sometimes liking any ridiculous musical whims that the rest of the band call “good ideas”.

Tony Cariota: Bass Guitars

The elder statesman of the band, Tony’s musical history dates back 3.9 decades. He represents the seasoned almost geriatric musical experience, bringing a heavy dose of “Get off my lawn” and an overflowing bag of “Nopes”. His favorite things include well behaved audiences that worship him and buy him drinks, gigs that end no later than 11:00pm, being just a little bit louder than the rest of the band and a really really comfortable pair of shoes. His dislikes are long walks anywhere, and bending down to plug in his pedal board. He’s been known by many alias’s over the last four decades, BassZilla, BigTone, and That guy who looks like that one guy I used to know in that one band. Tony’s influences include, all of the good rock music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, and 2010s, and any bands that are older than he is and still touring.